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Research Animal Housing and Care at Antibodies Incorporated

Antibodies Incorporated provides you with space for a multitude of research animals. Our current capacity allows for the housing of 300 rabbits, over 400 large animals, various fowl, and recently constructed rodent rooms allow for the housing of up to 3,000 mice, rats, or other rodents. With 40 acres of prime agricultural land, we have capacity to expand the animal housing facilities as needed. The animals are fed and watered daily, and are examined every day, 7 days a week. Our level of animal care is exemplary, as demonstrated by our USDA registration (93-R-0158), and NIH assurance (OLAW A4064-01). For further details on meeting your animal housing needs, call Antibodies Incorporated Custom Services today.


Catalog # Species
58-820 Mice 
  Guinea Pigs
57-571 Rabbit
53-520 Goat or Sheep
53-720 Other Large Animal

Additional care can be provided on a contract basis, including:

  • Antibody Production Protocols
  • Immunization Protocols
  • Sampling
  • Serum Preparation
  • Animal Health Monitoring

**Please inquire for rates**

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Animal Housing and Care - Animal Specialist with Pygmy Goat
Animal Housing and Care - Animal Specialist with Pygmy Goat
Animal Housing and Care - Mouse Cages
Animal Housing and Care - Mouse Cages
Animal Housing and Care - Rabbitry
Animal Housing and Care - Rabbitry

To order, contact Antibodies Incorporated

Antibodies Incorporated is qualified by:
ISO 13485
Accreditation (Registration No. FM 61237)
NIH-assurance (OLAW A4064-01)
USDA registration (93-R-B-0202)
FDA registered Device Manufacturer (2914537)

The humane care and use of animals is important to Antibodies Inc. Individuals who may have specific concerns about animal care and treatment are encouraged to report their concerns either verbally or in writing to the IACUC chair, CEO/IO, or Animal Resource Manager.