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Custom Medical Reagent and In-Vitro Product Manufacturing at Antibodies Incorporated

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OEM Manufacturing - Kits and Bottles
OEM Manufacturing - Kits and Bottles
With Antibodies Incorporated, you have access to over 40 years' experience in many facets of custom medical reagent and in-vitro product research, design, manufacturing, and assembly. We provide you with resources and capabilities to manufacture products under the guidelines of a proven quality system. Your SOP's can be used or we can create DMR/DHR documents with you. Call for hourly or project-complete quotes with assurance of rapid turnaround, personal attention, reliability, and on-time delivery. We can also provide you with inventory management and drop-shipment of your products.

Assembly and Packaging for Medical Reagent and In-Vitro Products

  • Multiple-component product assembly.
  • Packaging to your needs.
  • Custom design of final packaging.
  • Production kit assembly.

Dry Powder Mixing and Filling

  • V-hull agitator-blender of powdered chemicals.
  • Packaged in pails, bags, bottles or pouches.
  • Custom imprint labeling of your product.

Tube Coating and Microtiter Plate Preparation

  • State of the art dispensing equipment.
  • Accurate dispensing and test validation of tube or plate coating.
  • Lyophilization.
  • Moisture barrier sealed packaging.

Bulk Reagent Preparation

  • Bulk reagents to 1000 liters.
  • Filtration, including aseptic process.
  • Bottled and labeled to your specifications.

Custom Bottling and Labeling

  • Label imprinting and application.


  • Tube, micro plates, microscope slides, bottled reagent.
  • Reagent volumes up to two liters per batch.

Contract Work

  • Contract work with your material or SOP’s
  • Ship us your supplies for assembly, or we can purchase them directly

Kit Assembly

The ability to manufacture large numbers of finished kits has been our hallmark for many years, working in concert with a number of large OEM clients. Whether your needs are for a hundred or several thousand kits, we have the ability and resources to complete your project.

For contract OEM questions please contact Ricardo Rodarte at

Antibodies Incorporated is qualified by:
ISO 13485
Accreditation (Registration No. FM 61237)
NIH-assurance (OLAW A4064-01)
USDA registration (93-R-0158, 93-R-B-0202)
FDA registered Device Manufacturer (2914537)