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Antibodies Incorporated's Best Selling Immunochemistry and Antibodies Products

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Best Sellers - Customer Satisfaction
Best Sellers - Customer Satisfaction
1. PSD 95
Catalog # 75-028 and #73-028
See NeuroMabs: Scaffold Proteins

One of the most studied members in the MAGUK family important for anchoring synaptic proteins located in the post-synapse of neurons.  The immunogen developed against this antibody is a fusion protein of amino acids 77-299 of human PSD-95/SAP90.  Available as either a TC supernatant or in pure form. This clone (K28/43) has a very high affinity.

2. Anti-Nuclear Antibody Complete Kits
Catalog # 15-112, 15-113, and 15-110
See In-Vitro Diagnostics: Autoimmune Disease Anti-Nuclear Antibodies (ANA): Complete Kits

Our In-Vitro Diagnostic Kits are for the clinical diagnosis of systemic rheumatic diseases by use of anti-nuclear antibodies. Patients with ANA are at risk for: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Scleroderma, Sjøgren's Syndrome, Mixed connective tissue disease, and Progressive Systemic Sclerosis with CREST Syndrome.

3. Kv4.2
Catalog # 75-016
See: NeuroMabs: Membrane Channels

A key subunit of the voltage-gated channel for potassium. These complexes are important for studying action potential propagation and the depolarization of neurons. The immunogen for this antibody is a synthetic peptide of amino acids 209-225 (extracellular S1-S2 loop) of rat Kv4.2 (CGSSPGHIKELPSGERY).

4. GluR2
Catalog # 75-022
See: NeuroMabs: Receptors

A Subunit of the glutamate receptor complex involved in the excitation of post-synaptic nerve cells. Glutamate receptors interact with glutamate to dictate processes like memory, learning, while also playing a role in the onset of neurodegenerative diseases. The immunogen for this antibody was a fusion protein of amino acids 834-883 of the cytoplasmic C-terminus in the rat GluR2 receptor subunit.

5. GFP
Catalog # 75-131
See: NeuroMabs:Tags, Rare Disease Markers, and More!

We offer NeuroMab monoclonal antibodies against several common fusion protein tag domains such as Anti-GFP, Anti-MBP, Anti-GST, Anti-6xHis, and Anti-6xHis.  These antibodies allow for varied and powerful applications including: ELISA, Affinity Chromatography, Western Blotting, In-gel staining, and Sub-cellular localization. Track your protein targets with our Anti-Tag antibodies!

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