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Assay Development Service at Antibodies Incorporated

ImunoAssay Design

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ImmunoAssay Design - Scientists Working Together
ImmunoAssay Design - Scientists Working Together
Our scientists have 20 years experience in the use of antibodies for assay development. Antibodies Incorporated produces its own diagnostic assays in cellular, latex bead, ELISA and lateral flow formats, and provides Immunoassy services to numerous customers.

The most important aspect in developing a successful assay is careful design input. We can work with you to avoid some of the early pitfalls of assay development by reviewing the purpose of your assay and the desired attributes before the process starts.
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57-840 ImmunoAssay Design Inquire

ImmunoAssay Design Process Outline

Design Input
We will discuss the purpose of your assay and help you to decide on format and configuration.

Antibody Selection
Certain antibody combinations are best for specific assay types. For example, in sandwich ELISAs one antibody traps the analyte and the other antibody is used to detect. These pairs will be tested for compatibility.

We will make sure the antibodies are properly attached to solid phase for optimal reactivity.

Prototype Development, Pilot Studies
We will test standard samples, matrices, conjugates, etc. in combination to create the prototype. We will help you select standards and set aside key controls, etc.

Technical Transfer
We will transfer the technology to your laboratory, ensuring that the assay works in your technicians' hands.

Prices listed are for customers purchasing in North America.

Antibodies Incorporated is qualified by:
ISO 13485
Accreditation (Registration No. FM 61237)
NIH-assurance (OLAW A4064-01)
USDA registration (93-R-B-0202)
FDA registered Device Manufacturer (2914537)